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CT4 is searching for a location to base its next site and expand its Digital Apprentice program With the support of the Victorian Government and Federation University, Australian information technology company CT4 created its first Cyber Security Centre in Ballarat, Victoria. Set to launch later this...

CT4 and Multi-Factor Authenication (MFA) CT4 is taking the step to implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all it’s Office365 customers. While we have always recommended it, and used it internally, we now see the need to enforce the standard for the safety of our customers.  What is...

What is app modernisation? At a glance: Taking existing legacy apps developing new ways to use in the cloud era, with mobile focus.Transforming old applications and creating a modern version with features such as search, user-friendly design and dynamic screen displays for different devices. App modernisation is the...

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