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CT4 has been ranked 81 on The Australian Financial Review ’s Fast 100 List in 2021

January 12, 2021

CT4 has been ranked 81 on The Australian Financial Review’s Fast 100 List in 2021. Find out more about CT4 and view the full list of featured companies here:

CT4's current solutions include its data collection and control tool Canopy, private cloud service Stratus and automated Microsoft 365 data backup solution Cirrus.

CT4 has doubled their team in the last two and а half years to 88 full-time staff around the world working with а range of clients extends across healthcare, defence, education, facilities management, government, housing, tourism, bio-secure cruises and mid-tier organisations.

The chief executive and co-founder of CT4 with Dan Pearson, Mr Adams said:

“lt’s important to remember that data itself is not the answer, data itself doesn’t provide an outcome,” he said. “There’s so much of it flying around and а lot of businesses are not managing or using it the way they could. It’s all about how they harness the data.”

Мг Adams also said an important part of the process was the conversation with the customers.

“If you look at а lot of companies they have an enormous amount of data available to them and quite often that data is ignored,” he said.

“When they realise what they can do with that data, it’s actually а light bulb moment for them and often the catalyst which encourages them to take stock of all the data at their disposal. lt’s actually а really good opportunity to get their house in order.”

Мг Adams said CT4 recorded an increase in revenue every year since 2017 and in 2019-20 its audited result was$17.2 million.

Last year CT4 closed а $21 million pre-IPO fundraising round in advance of а potential float. While at this stage there is no scheduled float date, there was the potential for а further capital raising in the near future.

Mr Adams said with offices or а presence in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, the UK and the US, Canopy was well positioned to take advantage of the sector’s untapped potential.

“What we’re talking about is the potential for hyper growth and what that really means is that you’ve gone from your normal growth cycle over a period of time to an expediential type of growth over a smaller period of time,” he said.

Mr Adams said currently CT4 was focused on the Asia Pacific and particularly the UK’s $80 billion IoT market where they have increased staff from two to 14.

“We also have plans to get into the US market. Importantly, we just don’t sell to the global market but we actually operate in those areas as well and have а relationship with customers in those areas.”

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