Microsoft Azure

"the freedom to build and deploy wherever you want, whilst reducing infrastructure costs"

Azure transition assessment at no cost to you

How much is the assessment?

There is no cost for your organisation! Microsoft and CT4 jointly fund this assessment as part of an initiative to increase exposure for Azure.


Who provides the assessment?
Accredited Microsoft Partner CT4 provides this assessment. CT4 have Azure assessed techs throughout Asia, Australia and New Zealand to provide the assessment. Since 2007, CT4 has undertaken over 350 successful virtual to cloud (V2C) migrations globally, successfully migrating organisations from physical to virtual platforms.


What does the assessment involve?
After gaining an understanding of your organisation’s ICT workloads, CT4 will develop a clear roadmap for migrating to Azure. This roadmap provides you with:

a clear understanding of costs and timeframes for the transition

an understanding of what ongoing support will be available through Azure Care Services (ACS)

clarity to questions you may have about workflows, costs, timeframes and support

access to CT4's further paid Azure Transition Services (ATS)

By the end of the assessment, your organisation will be equipped with the information you need to commence this exciting journey.


Is there any obligation after the assessment?
No. There is no obligation or pressure to proceed with implementing Azure after the assessment.

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