CT4 Approach

"it is our business to drill down into the detail and extract the right solution"

Every organisation has a unique IT requirement and it is our business to drill down into the detail and extract the right solution. You may know precisely what direction you want to take or you may require guidance and expertise to make an informed choice. In both cases, CT4 will approach the task using a simple and consultative methodology in order to set you on the right path.

In general, we are approached by individuals who understand that an area of their IT operations is not performing in an optimal way (either in cost or functionality). In many ways, half the battle has been won because a need for change has been identified. CT4 are change facilitators.

Regardless of your size, the same thorough procedure is used to scope, plan and deliver you into the cloud environment and once you have made the transition, our ‘attention to detail’ approach is used to manage closely the ongoing delivery of service.


Our initial interaction with you is designed to extract as much information as we can about your business, your market, any current IT failures and your end state objective. This information is taken away and investigated fully.


Once we have gleaned a good understanding of the requirement, we will consult with you over a defined period of time in order to allow the solution to evolve organically. Additional information will invariably present itself during this time, which tends to alter the feasibility or scope of the work involved.


Our experienced Solution Architects will use your information to design a ‘fit for purpose’ and robust solution. The detailed costs and approach of the project are discussed and agreed at this stage prior to any work commencing.


We implement the agreed solution by means of a structured project regime using people who posses the leadership skills and acumen to deliver the desired objectives.


Finally and perhaps most importantly, we manage and service your new IT solution in the cloud environment using an experienced team of service desk technicians. For organisations with requirements on a larger scale, we give you access to our Level 3 technicians as part of an escalation strategy.

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