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"continual improvements in communications suggests the adoption of cloud technology for most businesses is inevitable"

Transition & Professional Services

It’s true that the performance of cloud based systems is largely dependent on the capability of the communications links between on-site infrastructure and the data centre; this limitation has been responsible for stalling many early cloud adoption projects. However, recent advances in carrier communications have resulted in much greater speed and resilience of links, further strengthening the viability of cloud services. Metro Ethernet and dark fibre connections are now commonplace in city locations, resulting in competitive pricing across the board.

Continual improvements in communications suggests that the adoption of cloud technology for most businesses is inevitable at some stage. As your trusted business partner, CT4 is there to advise you on all cloud related issues, no matter where you presently sit on the adoption cycle.

4 Consulting is the cloud consulting arm of CT4. Our team of technical experts and solution architects are ready to assist with whatever cloud requirement you may have.

Proof of Concept

Customer satisfaction is paramount at CT4, which is why we offer a Proof of Concept (POC) service to ensure that the performance of our PaaS solutions exceed expectations from the start. There is no charge for this element of the service and a commercial agreement is only executed upon successful completion of the testing benchmarks that have been outlined for the POC.

Our consulting services include:

Pre-adoption analysis and formation of cloud strategy

Feasibility studies (advice on existing and emerging technologies)

Communications analysis

Solution analysis and evaluation

Solution architecture definition

Solution design

Project management

Transition services

Expansion projects

System analysis and optimization

Application integration

Infrastructure provisioning

Enterprise architecture

One of the most attractive aspects of cloud computing is the utility based cost model it provides. It means you can channel the capital earmarked for infrastructure and IT management into core areas of the business that generate more company revenue. We realise that consulting fees conflict with this cost model and so offer a competitively priced facility to align them to utility based payments, allowing you to avoid those CAPEX spikes completely.

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