Security and Data Centres

"a secure cloud environment is vital"

It is wrong to assume that data is less secure in the cloud environment. Although physical control of your data is being delegated to a third party (CT4), our security infrastructure is often more sophisticated than self- managed IT.

Concerns surrounding security of data:

  • Sensitive data access
  • Data segregation
  • Privacy
  • Recovery
  • Accountability
  • Malicious insiders
  • Management console security
  • Account control
  • Multi-tenancy issues
  • Data sovereignty

Every year we invest heavily on upgrading our security infrastructure to ensure that it is prepared to mitigate the latest threats. We use a defence in-depth approach utilising several appliances within our system design, and our security architects work continuously to find new ways to add to the deterrence.

Our community cloud environments have been designed with security as a central theme. Each customer operates from their own virtual server to ensure data segregation. They enjoy the same level of security infrastructure as our private clouds through shared services and they are monitored 24/365 by the CT4 Network Operations Centre. Complete transparency is assured by providing regular security audit reports on server activity, if requested.

The security requirements for our private or hybrid cloud environments are often bespoke due to the required functionality of the solution. Therefore, a unique security profile is tailored by our architects in consultation with the customer to create a solution able to fully satisfy your concerns.

All CT4 infrastructure is operated from enterprise grade Tier 3 data centres located in capital locations throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the United States and United Kingdom. Each site is classed as a ‘mission critical’ facility, meaning they cater for high-level organisations that cannot afford to suffer serious outages to their business activity.

A range of mechanisms are in place to ensure continuous availability, such as back-up power generation, optimal hardware cooling, state-of-the-art fire suppression systems and the highest level of physical security. Details on locations and full specifications of our data centres are available upon request.

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