We’re all about data. We find it,
learn from it, control it and protect it.


We help clients embrace the possibilities of technology by using their data creatively and intentionally. We work to understand our customers, ensuring our products are always relevant. We make using data simple.


To create and distribute world-class software products that control and protect data.


To translate data into meaningful insights, clear actions and measurable outcomes for our clients.


We embed highly functional products into our customers' processes, enabling them to deliver smart, future-ready services.


Our products are smart, seamless and safe. From controlling connected devices to protecting data, we tailor the solution to fit. You name the business challenge, we'll solve it.


Cirrus makes data protection simple. We deliver automated backup and recovery solutions for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure that are secure, cost-efficient and easy to use.

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Arado makes support simple. From supporting users to protecting data, we tailor the solution to fit. You name the business challenge, we will solve it.

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Our solutions are easy to understand, share and implement. We don't see the need for software that promises the world but doesn't deliver. Let's keep it simple.


Ingenuity and invention drive our people right to the leading edge. We also help our clients to safely innovate by interpreting their data and using it cleverly.


A strong work ethic and winning attitude underpin our culture. Customers can always reach us, but thanks to our meticulous systems, they rarely need to.


Our solutions add value from day one. Whether it’s shifting products safely to the cloud or analysing complex data, we make the most of your tech in cost-effective ways.


Dan Pearson
Chief Technology Officer (CEO & CTO)

While Dan has the looks of an older man — it’s not the years; it’s the mileage. Dan joined the UK Army when he was 17. He initially wanted to fly helicopters but found himself in the tech trenches for 12 years. After leaving the military, Dan started CT4 with a simple business plan: see the problem, fix the problem, see the need, fill the need. Dan enjoys the thrill of the chase, hunting down business challenges and solving them.

Dan is driven by the possibilities of technology and how it can improve quality of life. He works with teams in the US, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, so his work-day runs from 5 in the morning ‘til 11 at night. In his spare time, he flies light aircraft and helicopters.

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Ben Hancock
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Ben has mapped his entire life into a process diagram but still refines it daily. He started with an Atari 400, doing wonders with 8kb of RAM, and realised early that IT was the smart career move. Ben has spent 30 years helping companies to leverage technology, operate efficiently and gain sharper insights.

Ben is responsible for CT4’s day-to-day operations across sales, marketing, products and customer success. He makes the trains run on time. Ben is a practical implementor, but his real strength lies in understanding people’s unique inner operating systems.

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Martyn Howie
Cirrus Product Director

Martyn’s parents bought him a computer when he was 14, and he has been programming ever since.

Martyn is excited about IoT — the Wild West of tech — and believes it provides a solution to nearly every problem. Martyn leads a posse of developers that work on Cirrus, and he has found it exhilarating to see this application come to life.

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Because we love
a simple solution